30 Days - A Review | Dean Mitchell Photography

30 Days – A Review

From mid-July to mid-August, I posted 30 of my favourite lifestyle shots on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – an exercise I called ’30 Days of Lifestyle’. If you didn’t catch my images on social media, here are a few of them below!

The idea of the exercise was to show you the range of shots I take of people in their own environments – at work or at play. A lot of my lifestyle images can be found on the Getty Images site.


Businessman waiting on train platform - a 30 days of lifestyle image

Happy african american nurse - a 30 days of lifestyle image

Senior woman learning to paint in an art class - a 30 days of lifestyle imageCouple relaxing at home looking at laptop - a 30 days of lifestyle imageWomen meditating in lotus pose in gym - a 30 days of lifestyle image

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