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1st November 2017


25th August 2017

Modern Bathroom

25th August 2017

Colourful Bananas

25th August 2017


25th August 2017

Golden Pineapple

25th August 2017


29th May 2017


29th May 2017

Lesbian couple

29th May 2017

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21st March 2017

“Faces of a Vibrant Economy” – participate now!

9th March 2017 in Uncategorised

How we depict women is set to change

“The people, the target audience and the customer are all pretty clear in their demand for a more diverse approach to visualising women and demonstrate exactly that in their daily…

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30th August 2016 in Lifestyle Photography

30 Days – A Review

From mid-July to mid-August, I posted 30 of my favourite lifestyle shots on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – an exercise I called ’30 Days of Lifestyle’. If you didn’t catch my…

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25th April 2016 in Lifestyle Photography

Taking it Easy

With longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, spring has definitely arrived! So what better way to spend your time than a day’s fishing on the lake? The brief was to shoot images of…

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21st December 2015 in Wildlife Photography

Adventures in Nature: Behind the lens with Mike…

Watch this incredible mash up! Adventures in Nature. See black rhinos frolicking at night captured by an infrared camera with Mike Gunton, creative director of the BBC’s Natural History Unit;…

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